Feldenkrais method

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education is a distinct profession based on the principles spelled out in the International Feldenkrais® Standards of Practice. This unique system uses movement and attention to bring about increased awareness and improved functioning through learning. Feldenkrais practitioners help their students to become aware of existing patterns of action, and guide the discovery of additional possibilities for action. The Feldenkrais Method facilitates recovery of movement. Amaleah is a graduate of Semiophysics Institute, student of the late Dennis Leri, Mark Reese, and Esther Thelen.

Distinction between high stress and trauma, per Dr. Franz Ruppert

Distinction between High Stress and Trauma per Dr.
Professor Franz Ruppert:
High stress is a highly mobilized state with the reaction of ‘fight or flight’. This is easily understandable in the sense that in order to fight or run away in the face of threat we do need enormous amounts of energy, so the psychophysical system secretes strong energizing chemicals to support this reaction. High stress is just that; not the daily stress of life, but the stress of an extremely stressful situation; we can think of it as the highest stress we can manage as a limited psychophysical being.

Trauma on the other hand is a state of collapse, of resignation, an extremely low-energy state where the psychophysical organism has shut off all energizing secretions in order to maintain as best it can it’s existence. It comes into play when the high stress strategy fails; fight or flight has not been possible, and the person is completely and utterly helpless.